INTACT's range

Solid partitions: 95SL

The gap between panels is pre-set at 3 mm. It can be extended.
Panels will be on wood material. Long sides of panels require perfect finish: pvc for particle boards, clear cut for MDF

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Solid partitions: 95P

Solid Partition with flush and flat aluminium profile.

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Solid partitions: 95F

Solid Partition with flush moulding aluminium profile of omega-shape. The clips are covered by a pvc profiles of matching colour.

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Options for the choice of panels

Partition width 12-14 mm panels versus partition with 18 mm panel

Commonly used and cost efficient boards are particle, MDF or gypsum boards. Melamine of vinyl finishes are currently used in large decor selection. Also HPL, wood veneer and others are available.

Solid partitions: 120

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