The company INTACT 3000 S.A transferred its business to the company Intact Life, located 1301 Wavre, rue de la Wastinne, 24. The relocatable partitions and doors will be produced within the workshop of the company Garnimetal S.A, located at the same direction. The delivery address is 1301 Wavre rue de la Wastinne 24.

INTACT Life, a Belgian-based company ideally located in the heart of Europe, designs, develops and manufactures its own movable or relocatable partitioning system which is used throughout the world. The elegant and smart design of INTACT Life partitions offers a total aesthetic freedom and endless possibilities to the space designer. Its unique concept based on compatible profiles matching the original structure ensures the technical integrity of the system in its most exclusive versions. The strict control of raw material supply, in accordance with most demanding international standards, guarantees the quality of the final product in its most audacious applications.

INTACT Life partitioning system provides to the designer a unique base for permanent innovation in space dividing solution with the insurance of technically sound characteristics. Whether for commercial, administrative, industrial work places or airport, schools or showrooms, its applications are infinite. In terms of services, INTACT Life provides the full sequence from project design, quantities calculation, supply of all components transportation to site included.

INTACT Life exports overseas over 60% of its production through a wide network of distributors. Main markets are EEC (mainly Switzerland, France), India, Gulf countries and Africa. INTACT Life just opened an office in Dubaï, U.A.E and has one in Bangalore, India, INTACT Interior PVT LTD.